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P1. To establish criteria to verify an individual’s eligibility qualifications and to assess his or her appropriateness for re-entry to Job Corps.




R1. Readmission Criteria

Admissions Counselors (ACs) must assess, determine, and verify that applicants for readmission:

a. Meet all eligibility requirements (see Exhibit 1-1, Eligibility Requirements​).

b. Have not been readmitted before, unless the most recent separation was the result of a medical separation; and the student is able to meet the eligibility requirements of the program with or without reasonable accommodation.

c. Have no more than 18 months of previous, paid Job Corps training, and can be expected to complete training within a period of time which, when added to the initial stay, will total no more than 24 months, unless the period is extended as part of a reasonable accommodation of a disability or to complete advanced career training.

d. Have been out of Job Corps a minimum of 1 year. This may be waived at the discretion of the Regional Director.

e. Have not previously received mandatory separations for Level I disciplinary reasons (refer to Exhibit 3-1, Infraction Levels and Appropriate Center Actions​) except for applicants previously separated for Level I drug use or Level I alcohol- related infractions (possession, consumption, or distribution of alcohol while on center or under center supervision; or abuse of alcohol). Such applicants are eligible to reapply after 1 year. If applicants separated for a Level 1 drug use infraction test positive for drug use upon readmission, they will be separated immediately and not allowed to reapply to Job Corps.

R2. Application Procedures for Readmission

ACs must:

a. Help the applicant applying for readmission complete all required application forms.

b. Verify the applicant’s entry and separation dates, previous center of assignment, reason for separation, and center recommendation regarding readmission. Centers may recommend that the applicant be readmitted to Job Corps, but may recommend that he or she not be readmitted to the previous center he or she attended, in cases where rejoining the original center would decrease the applicant’s likelihood to succeed in the program.

c. Provide justification for readmission that clearly demonstrates a motivational change as well as behavioral improvement by the applicant who previously received an unfavorable center recommendation or a disciplinary discharge. The applicant must provide the AC with documentation of how he or she has made positive improvements since leaving the program, (e.g., letter attesting to participation in volunteer activities, certificate of completion of vocational/educational classes. Documentation may be included in the applicant folder).

d. Original centers must provide student files to the receiving center in the case of readmitted students.

R3. Readmission Denials

ACs must:

a. Refer readmission applicants determined not to meet the eligibility requirements to an appropriate One-Stop Center or other training/educational resource in his or her home community.

b. Keep clear documentation on file about the steps that were taken to inform, counsel, and refer the readmission applicant who was determined not to meet the eligibility requirements.



Exhibit 1-1 Job Corps Eligibility Requirements
Exhibit 3-1 Infraction Levels, Definitions, and Appropriate Center Actions

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