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P1. To ensure staff acquire and maintain the skills necessary to perform their job duties and responsibilities, and serve as role models for students.

P2. To allow staff the opportunity for professional development and upward mobility.​




R1. Staff Training Plan

Centers and Outreach and Admission (OA)/Career Transition Services (CTS) contractors shall:

a. Submit for approval to the Regional Office an Annual Staff-Training Plan.

b. Include, at a minimum, the topics and frequencies specified in Exhibit 5-4 (Required Staff Training)​.

c. Submit a professional development plan for all staff on waivers.

R2. Staff Training Content

Centers shall include, at a minimum, the following:

a. Five hours of annual training in adolescent growth and development for all staff. Topics could include effective communications, anger management, sexuality, suicide prevention, behavior management system, zero tolerance (ZT) policy, appropriate staff/student boundaries, sexual assault prevention and response, sexual harassment and related social skills training, crisis intervention techniques, bullying prevention, violence prevention, and safety issues.

b. An additional five hours of annual training designed to enhance each employee’s professional development. Such training may include professional seminars, conferences, and classroom training provided on or off center, in-service training, and technology skills training.

R3. Documentation

Centers and OA/CTS contractors shall maintain up-to-date records of training completed by each employee.



Exhibit 5-4 Required Staff Training