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P1. To ensure accurate documentation and reporting of all contractor-operated Job Corps fleet information.

P2. To inform the Job Corps community of the requirements for all contractor-operated Job Corps centers acquiring new or replacement vehicles and for returning General Services Administration (GSA) lease vehicles.




R1. Goal Achievement

The National Office of Job Corps will work continuously to reduce petroleum fuel consumption through the following measures:

a. Increasing the number of Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFV) in Job Corps’ fleet.

Job Corps centers must make every effort to attain AFVs when replacing existing fleet or when acquiring new leases

b. Maintaining oversight of all new vehicle acquisitions, replacements, and returns

1. Job Corps centers with a need to acquire or replace a vehicle must justify this need or action to the Office of Job Corps.

2. To acquire a new or replacement vehicle, the requesting center must submit the Request to Lease a GSA Vehicle form to the center’s Project Manager (PM) for submission to the Office of Job Corps (see Appendix 507​). Information on AFVs that can be leased directly from GSA can be found at​ in the most current Product Guide for Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFV). Appendix 506 contains descriptions of alternative fuels and additional AFV resources.

To ensure accurate completion of the report, when acquiring new vehicles or renewing existing leases, the agency code 1680 should be used to complete all necessary paperwork.

c. Reducing the consumption of petroleum fuel through efficient fleet policies

Center operators must examine their center’s fleet to determine which vehicles are necessary for center operations. Vehicles that are being consistently underutilized (driven less than 800 miles per month) for three consecutive months should be viewed as candidates for return. In order to retain these vehicles, justification must be provided to the Office of Job Corps, Division of Program Accountability and Support. There are no eligibility requirements for returning a vehicle to GSA.

d. Establishing fleet standards that will lead to more efficient operations

Center staff must acquire vehicles based upon the fleet standards established by the Office of Job Corps, replacing high-fuel-consumption vehicles with fuel-efficient vehicles.

Center operators must examine which of their vehicles are high-fuel-consumption vehicles and replace them with more fuel-efficient vehicles. Although vehicle returns may be made at any time, replacements must meet the eligibility requirements set forth by GSA. Vehicle replacements must follow the process outlined in R1.a and R1.b above.

Vehicle replacement standards are the criteria used to determine whether a GSA-leased vehicle is eligible for replacement. This information is listed in Exhibit 5-5, Minimum Requirements for Replacing Vehicles Leased From the General Services Administration Prior to the End of the Lease​.

e. Providing General Services Administration (GSA) with annual fleet acquisition requirements

Upon the announcement of GSA’s annual solicitation for the fleet acquisition requirements for the upcoming fiscal year, each Job Corps center must prepare its fleet acquisition requirements and send to its Project Manager by August 15 for approval. Acquisition requirements will be forwarded to GSA by the Project Manager (PM). Appendix 508, GSA Annual Fleet Requirements Spreadsheet, must be used by centers to submit this information.

R2. Standard Operating Forms and Procedures

Center operators must ensure that centers have standard forms and procedures in place to document the vehicle information that must be reported to the National Office of Job Corps on a monthly basis. The National Office has developed standard forms to assist in the tracking of fleet information. The standard forms include Exhibit 5-6, Vehicle Log​, and Exhibit 5-7, Vehicle Maintenance Log​.

R3. Reporting

Center operators must ensure that:

a. Fleet Managers are entering all vehicle information into the Job Corps Fleet Tracking Management System on a monthly basis.

b. Vehicle information is reported by the 10th day of the current month for the previous month. This information must be recorded in the Job Corps Fleet Tracking Management System. The information entered into the system will assist the Office of Job Corps with its reporting requirements.



Exhibit 5-5 Minimum Requirements for Replacing Vehicles Leased from GSA Prior to the End of the Lease
Exhibit 5-6 GSA Vehicle Log
Exhibit 5-7 GSA Vehicle Maintenance Log


Appendix 506 Alternative Fuel Information
Appendix 507 Request to Lease a GSA Vehicle
Appendix 508 GSA Annual Fleet Requirements Spreadsheet