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P1. To ensure the efficient, effective, and coordinated delivery of career transition services to graduates and former enrollees.




R1. Career Transition Period (CTP) Plan

a. Centers and Career Transition Services (CTS) providers must prepare and implement a Career Transition Plan (CTP), as part of the overall Career Development Services System (CDSS) Plan. The Plan must be submitted for Regional Office approval in accordance with PRH Chapter 5, Section 5.1, R3.c, Career Development Services System (CDSS) Plan​.

b. Career transition services reflected in the Plan must be customized to the individual needs of each graduate and former enrollee.

c. At a minimum, the CTP Plan must include:

1. The rationale for the CTP design and how it will ensure the provision of individualized services to assist each graduate and former enrollee.

2. The organizational structure of CTP and a detailed description of:

(a) How the career transition services function will be staffed

(b) Where staff will be deployed to provide center-based placement services

(c) How career transition services staff will coordinate and collaborate with center career development staff to ensure the continuity of services to graduates and former enrollees, including assistance with post-center certification testing or work experience requirements to attain industry credentials

(d) How career transition services staff will interact with students and other staff during the Career Preparation and Career Development Periods

(e) How career transition services staff will coordinate efforts with One-Stop Centers/American Job Centers, National Training Contractors (NTCs), and other post-center support providers to meet the post-center needs of graduates and former enrollees, including tracking and documenting student certification attainment

(f) How the My Pathway to Achieving Career Excellence (MyPACE) Career Plan and the Pathway Achievement Records (PAR) will be used to continue the development of a transition plan (including support services) for one of the following career pathways, based on students’ demonstrated skills attainment, and when applicable, students’ industry-recognized certification(s) and/or licensing:

  • Direct job placement
  • Apprenticeship
  • Advanced training
  • Military careers
  • Postsecondary education

(g) How career transition services staff will inform graduates that transition payments will be forfeited if they do not cash received checks within 12 months of the date of separation, fail to report non-receipt of checks, or fail to update contact information to ensure proper delivery of transition payments

(h) How career transition services staff will make and document reasonable efforts to locate graduates when mailed checks are returned or undeliverable

3. Methods, resources, and tools to accomplish the following:

(a) Contacting graduates and former enrollees throughout CTP

(b) Assessing placement and transition needs utilizing MyPACE Career Plan and PAR, including assessment and counseling to determine competencies, capabilities, and readiness for career transition services

(c) Developing personalized job search skills and strategies

(d) Assisting graduates in improving skills in resume preparation, interviewing techniques and job search strategies

(e) Identifying and referring students to transition support services

(f) Identifying job leads or education and training opportunities through coordination with partners of local Workforce Development Boards; Center Workforce Councils; Youth Standing Committees, where established; One-Stop operators/American Job Centers and community stakeholders such as, employers, apprenticeship programs, unions, and industry organizations

(g) Counseling to support job retention

(h) Distributing and safeguarding payments, to include locating graduates when checks are returned and/or unclaimed to ensure that students receive payments

(i) Informing graduates that failure to report non-receipt of transition payments or failure to cash a received transition payment check within 12 months of separation will result in forfeiture of the payment, and that graduates have the obligation to update their contact information with their CTS provider

(j) Identification of and referral to postsecondary educational opportunities and federal funding options, as appropriate