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 P1. To ensure that students are fully prepared for successful participation in the Career Development Period (CDP).




R1. Evaluation

a. Centers must ensure that each student receives ongoing evaluations, conducted by a career management team.

b. Each student’s career management team must conduct a formal evaluation prior to the student’s entry into CDP. The formal evaluation must:

1. Assess the student’s progress and readiness to participate in career development activities.

2. Assist the student in completing his or her initial Personal Career Development Plan (PCDP).

3. Collaborate with the student on identifying the personalized combination of career development activities that will move the student toward meeting the Career Success Standards (CSS) and his or her career goals.

R2. Transition to Career Development Period

Centers must:

a. Assign students to career development activities based on each individual student’s progress and readiness to participate.

b. Schedule support services for each student, as needed, to address personal issues that still present barriers to full program participation.​