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P1. To provide new students with an overview and introduction to center expectations, behavioral expectations, and the Career Success Standards (CSS) they will be expected to meet during enrollment in order to successfully participate in the program, become employable, and model essential on-the-job skills.




R1. Overview

Centers must provide each student with an introduction to all eight Career Success Standards and an overview of the standards of conduct for the center. The center will review with each new student the Career Success Standards they will be expected to meet during enrollment in order to successfully participate in the program and become employable.

R2. Individualized Opportunities, Projects, and Activities

Centers must use the results of formal and informal assessments of the Career Success Standards conducted in the Career Preparation Period (CPP) to provide each new student with a personal and individualized plan for meeting all eight Standards. The individualized plan must be addressed in the initial student evaluation and uploaded into the Center Information System (CIS) e-Folder, and​ must include, at a minimum:

a. An overview of the Standards the student does and does not meet

b. Specific opportunities, projects, and activities the student may participate in on center to meet the Standards and how the student will be evaluated regarding his or her participation in these activities

c. Expectations for students to acquire and demonstrate the Career Success Standards in all phases of career development and career transition

R3. Customer Service Training

Centers must conduct customer service skills training within the context of Career Success Standards in the areas of Workplace Relationships and Ethics, Communications, and Interpersonal Skills. At a minimum, the training must include:

a. Understanding the importance of customer service

b. Maintaining a professional attitude

c. Effective oral and written communication skills, including active listening to customers

d. Knowledge of business ethics

e. Understanding the value of establishing and maintaining positive customer relationships

f. Applying critical thinking skills to appropriately handle customer service situations

R4. Evaluation of Student Progress

Centers must inform all new students that they will be formally evaluated at least every 60 days on their knowledge of and ability to demonstrate all eight Career Success Standards.