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P1. To provide new students with an introduction to fundamental digital- and information-literacy skills to enable them to conduct online job search activities as well as successfully navigate the labor market using the My Pathway to Achieving Career Excellence (MyPACE) career exploration tool.




R1. Introduction to Information Technology

Centers must provide each new student with instruction in the following within the first 60 days of enrollment:

a. The role and impact of technology trends on business and society

b. Basic care and handling of computer hardware and software

c. Basic hardware and software components

d. Basic computer functions:

1. Keyboarding

2. Microsoft Word applications

3. E-mailing

4. Scanning

5. Managing applications (apps)

6. Video Messaging

7. Electronic job searching

e. Use of the MyPACE career exploration tool to:

1. Research and analyze regional Labor Market Information (LMI); and

2. Conduct an occupation search related to student’s career interests/training program.​

​​f. Use of the Internet for placement services:

1. Identify community support service resources

2. Access One-Stop/American Job Center services

g. Appropriate use of the Internet and e-mail

R2. Job Search Skills

Centers must provide each new student with an introduction to basic job search skills within the first 60 days of enrollment. The introduction must include at a minimum:

a. Identifying personal skills and attributes

b. Identifying sources of employment

c. Inquiring about a job over the telephone or via website access

d. Completing a paper or electronic job application

e. Writing a resume

f. Writing a cover letter

g. Developing job survival skills

h. Interviewing for a job

i. Obtaining information on the apprenticeship, Advanced Training, post-secondary, and military application processes

j. Understanding worker’s rights and responsibilities (e.g., including reasonable accommodation in the workplace)

k. Identifying strategies for succeeding during the first weeks on the job

l. Knowing about the availability and support of Career Transition Services through Job Corps and One-Stops/American Job Centers