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P1. To provide initial assessment and intervention to address the personal and social development needs of individual students.

P2. To identify and coordinate the delivery of center and community resources to meet students’ identified needs.




R1. Organization

Centers must provide personal counseling services with the following features:

a. Designated counseling staff or qualified professionals

b. Assigned caseloads

c. Personal counseling sessions

d. Availability of counseling services on weekends and in the event of emergencies

R2. Personal Assessment and Counseling Services

Centers must provide intensive ongoing personal assessment and counseling services early within the first 60 days of the student’s stay on center. These services will continue as needed (see PRH Chapter 3, Section 3.3, Personal and Career Assessment and Counseling​) throughout the student’s enrollment, with the following features:

a. An intake assessment, including student history, conducted during the first 48 hours of enrollment (see PRH Chapter 2, Section 2.3, Student Assessment​) - a copy of this assessment must be submitted to the Health and Wellness center for review and inclusion in the student’s health record

b. Ongoing structured, scheduled, and documented individual social development and adjustment counseling

c. Group support sessions designed to identify and address specific issues, such as abuse, relationships, child care, homesickness, language and cultural barriers, etc.

d. Identification of students who need more intensive services and referral to such services

e. Intervention, implementation, and documentation of strategies to address personal issues, including mental health, medical issues, and challenges for English Language Learners (ELL)

f. Support services, to include assisting with Unauthorized Absence (UA) retrieval; conferring with parents, Admissions Counselors, Career Transition Specialists, and social service agencies; and providing referrals to community resources, as appropriate

R3. Coordination of Services

Centers must develop a system for counselors to interact and share information with other staff, departments, and community resources in accordance with R4.b below, as needed, to ensure the coordinated delivery of services to students.

R4. Reporting/Documentation/Recordkeeping

Centers must:

a. Ensure that counselors maintain a record of individual counseling sessions to include, at a minimum, the following information:

1. The reason for such session

2. An assessment

3. A plan of action with appropriate follow-up

b. Implement safeguards to assure that personal information about individual students, subject to the Privacy Act, is shared among staff only to the extent necessary to ensure the safety and effective provision of services to students, and no further, in accordance with Appendix 601 (Student Rights to Privacy and Disclosure of Information)​. Personal counseling records must be treated as confidential documents.

c. Advise students regarding counselors’ responsibilities for safeguarding confidentiality and for disclosing information that is legally required or that may represent a threat to the student or others.



Exhibit 6-13 Right to Use Photographic Likeness or Moving Images-Release form for Adult Students
Exhibit 6-14 Right to Use Photographic Likeness or Moving Images-Release Form for Minors


Appendix 601 Student Rights to Privacy and Disclosure of Information