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P1. To assess each new student's prior academic achievements, skill levels, and interests to support tailoring of individualized career development services to each student's needs.

P2. To identify each new student's personal issues that may be barriers to successful adjustment and participation so that appropriate support can be provided early in enrollment.




R1. Assessing New Students’ Needs and Interests

Using formal and informal methods, centers must assess each new student’s needs and interests to include:

a. Level of academic achievement and competency for appropriate placement into academic classes, using high school transcripts; Individual Education Plan (IEP), if applicable and available; and the Tests of Adult Basic Education (TABE) in accordance with procedures in Appendix 301 (TABE Requirements and Instructions)​

b. Medical status (entrance physical and dental examinations) per PRH Chapter 6, Section 6.10 (Student Health Services)​

c. Counseling intake needs/interests assessment – using the student’s application as a foundation, counselors must identify at a minimum:

1. Personal history

2. Personal and career aspirations

3. Family status, living situation, and responsibilities

4. Legal issues

5. Personal issues

6. Post-center plans

d. Career aptitude and interests using the My Pathway to Achieving Career Excellence (MyPACE) web-based career planning tool (see PRH Chapter 2, Section 2.5 R1. Career Exploration)

e. Knowledge of and ability to demonstrate the appropriate behaviors associated with the Career Success Standards (CSS)

f. English language proficiency using: Test of Adult Basic Education Complete Language Assessment System – English (TABE CLAS-E), Basic English Skills Test (BEST), or CASAS (see Appendix 201​)

g. Basic information technology skills

h. Transitional needs

R2. Using Student Assessments

Results of student assessments must be used in collaboration with the student to:

a. Develop the student’s MyPACE Career Plan and assignment of Pathway Achievement Record (PAR)​

b. Schedule appropriate career development classes and activities

c. Develop essential support systems to address each student’s personal and transitional needs





Appendix 201 Test Benchmarks for Educational Functioning Levels
Appendix 301 Tests of Adult Basic Education (TABE) Requirements and Instructions