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P1. To provide students with periodic feedback and assessments of progress in achieving their personal career development goals.

P2. To collaborate with students in setting or revising their short- and long-term goals that will lead to achievement of career goals.

P3. To motivate and encourage progress and achievement.​




R1. Frequency

Centers must:

a. Ensure that each student participates in ongoing evaluations, with appropriate staff, at least every 60 days.

b. Arrange for each student’s career management team to conduct a formal evaluation prior to the student’s entry into the Career Development Period (CDP) and the Career Transition Period (CTP), at a minimum.

c. Conduct special evaluations may be scheduled, as needed, at any time during a student’s enrollment.

R2. Content of Evaluations

Centers must:

a. Assess each student’s progress in all major career development areas: academics, career technical training, industry certification attainment, work-based learning, social development, and recreation.

b. Evaluate student performance on all eight Career Success Standards as well as any additional expectations the center wishes to evaluate. Evaluations must be calculated as follows:

Score Performance Levels

1–2 Needs Improvement

3–4 Meets Standard

5 Excels

c. Provide each student with a schedule of individualized projects and activities to assist him or her in meeting the Career Success Standards in which a “Needs Improvement” rating is received.

d. As part of each evaluation, collaborate with students in setting, affirming, and/or revising short- and long-term personal, training, and career goals. At a minimum, the student’s Personal Career Development Plan (PCDP) must be updated, as a result of each evaluation, to reflect accomplishments and goal revisions.

e. Students must be evaluated by career development staff who are in and have direct contact with the students, such as counselors, instructors, residential advisors/residential counselors, and work site supervisors. Require evaluators to discuss their evaluations with students privately and in person. 

f. Provide each student with an updated copy of his or her Personal Career Development Plan (PCDP) following each evaluation, whenever the plan is changed.

R3. Reporting/Documentation/Recordkeeping

Centers must document evaluations in the Center Information System (CIS).