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P1. To teach students citizenship skills.

P2. To provide students with practice in self-government and opportunities for input into center policies.

P3. To provide students with opportunities to learn and practice positive leadership skills.




R1. Student Government Association (SGA)

Centers must develop and support an SGA program that includes, at a minimum:

a. A designated staff coordinator

b. A written constitution

c. Elected SGA officers

d. Committees that provide input into policies affecting student life on and off center

e. Regular meetings between the Center Director and SGA officers

f. A training plan for SGA officers

R2. Student Leadership

Centers must develop and support leadership training that includes, at a minimum:

a. A Formal leadership training curriculum

b. Ongoing in-service training for student leaders

R3. Student Benefit Fund

Centers must establish a student benefit fund to be managed by the SGA with the assistance of center staff. The purpose of the fund will be to provide the SGA with the ability to purchase items and services for the benefit of all students. The fund must have the following features:

a. Be self-supporting and must not include any appropriated Job Corps funds. Allowable sources of income include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Operation of a store or canteen

2. Operation of other concessions, such as telephone systems and vending machines

3. Student fines

4. Student fund-raising activities

b. A staff member designated to assist the SGA officers in overseeing the operation of the fund.

c. May not be used to pay for goods or services that are normally part of center operating costs.

d. A simple accounting system for the student benefit fund and involve SGA officers in the management of the accounting system. The accounting system must include, at a minimum, the following:

1. A written accounting and audit plan

The accounting plan must ensure the integrity of the fund by establishing an appropriate set of checks and balances, to include, at a minimum dual approval of all expenditures by the SGA president or designee and the center director or designee.

2. Separation of payment and collection duties

3. Maintenance of a bank account (checking or savings or both)

4. A written record of income and expenditures

5. Periodic financial reports

6. Annual audits by the center operator (corporate office or agency headquarters designee)

R4. Reporting/Documentation/Recordkeeping

Centers must ensure that all student leadership training/student government participation is documented and recorded using the automated Center Information System (CIS).