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P1. To enhance the employability of students by providing them with information about practices that lead to good physical, mental, oral, and emotional health.




R1. Required Instruction

Centers must provide instruction to all students in the following subjects:

a. Health education and good decision-making models

b. Emotional and social well-being

c. Depression, grief, and suicide

d. Relationships and sexuality, including relationship aggression

e. Reproduction and birth control

f. Sexually transmitted diseases

g. Consumer health

h. Nutrition and fitness

i. Alcohol and other drugs of abuse

j. Relationship of a healthy lifestyle to successful job retention

k. Sexual assault

l. Sleep hygiene (guidelines to achieve restful sleep)

m. Oral disease prevention and oral hygiene instruction

R2. Reporting/Documentation/Recordkeeping

Centers must ensure that all student progress and accomplishments are documented and recorded using the automated Center Information System (CIS).