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P1. To create and maintain an environment that allows students to learn and practice independent and community living skills, and completion of career pathway planning activities and Pathway Achievement Records (PAR).

P2. To model and reinforce social and employability skills, such as positive attitude, dependability, and teamwork.

P3. To provide a safe, secure, clean, and attractive physical and social living environment for students that is appropriate to their varied needs and levels of maturity.




R1. Student Self-Management Skills Development

Centers must develop systems that involve students in the management of their living areas, which must incorporate the following features:

a. Opportunities for all students to have input into the development of the center policies governing the management of their living areas

b. Procedures to solicit input and feedback from, and disseminate information to students

c. Student responsibility for maintaining cleanliness within their living areas

d. Progressive opportunities to learn, practice, and demonstrate personal responsibility and self-management skills

R2. Supervision of Student Living Areas

Centers must:

a. Provide staff supervision in all student living areas at levels that assure visibility, the safety, security, and accountability of all students at all times.

b. Develop a structured process for sharing information that ensures effective student accountability.

R3. Delivery of Services to Students

Centers must develop a structured process for sharing information between residential staff and other center staff as needed to assure the coordinated delivery of services to students.

R4. Reporting/Documentation/Recordkeeping

Centers must:

a. Implement safeguards to assure that personal information about individual students, subject to the Privacy Act, is shared among staff only to the extent necessary to ensure the safety and effective provision of services to students, and no further, in accordance with Appendix 601, Student Rights to Privacy and Disclosure of Information​.

b. Develop procedures to record important information about student-related events as the events occur and to transmit the information from each shift to the next.

c. Maintain individual records for each student that contain, at a minimum, basic identifying information, including emergency contacts, and written parental consent (minors) for weekend passes to approved destinations. Such records must be readily accessible to dormitory staff.



Exhibit 6-13 Right to Use Photographic Likeness or Moving Images-Release form for Adult Students
Exhibit 6-14 Right to Use Photographic Likeness or Moving Images-Release Form for Minors


Appendix 601 Student Rights to Privacy and Disclosure of Information