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P1. To provide Limited English Proficient (LEP) students with the opportunity to develop English language and acculturation skills so that they may successfully achieve their career, academic, and social/behavioral goals.




R1. Center Requirements

Centers must:

a. Develop strategies to meet the unique needs of LEP students in all phases of the Career Development Services System (CDSS).

b. Ensure the regular collaboration of English language instructors and career technical training instructors to develop strategies for working with LEP students in career technical training shops and classrooms.

c. Assign an ELL/LEP coordinator to oversee and monitor programs and services for LEP students.

R2. English Language Skills

Each center must develop the capability, and describe that capability in its Career Development Period (CDP) Plan (see PRH Chapter 3, 3.1), to provide instruction and training to LEP students aimed at enabling the students to demonstrate the following skills in English:

a. Ask and respond to questions on familiar and some unfamiliar topics

b. Communicate effectively in routine social and work situations

c. Pronounce words clearly and understandably

d. Apply basic grammar

e. Understand conversation at a reasonable speed

f. Understand and accurately relay telephone messages

g. Follow basic oral instructions

h. Read and understand material on familiar topics

i. Perform the reading competencies listed in PRH Chapter 3, Section 3.9, Reading

j. Perform the communication competencies listed in PRH Chapter 3, Section 3.7, R1.f, Communications

R3. Special Support for LEP Students

All Job Corps centers must provide special emphasis on, and support for, LEP students in learning, practicing, and developing competencies in all eight Career Success Standards (see PRH Chapter 3, Section 3.7, Career Success Standards​). At a minimum, special support must include:

a. Tailoring of lesson plans and activities to meet the special needs of LEP students

b. Use of supplementary learning materials

c. Opportunities to role-play and otherwise practice speaking and writing skills related to CSS

d. Teaching of safety, tools, machines, and other workplace vocabulary to facilitate the full involvement of LEP students in career technical training as early in career development as possible

R4. Reporting/Documentation/Recordkeeping

Centers must ensure that all student test results and progress are documented and recorded on the student’s Personal Career Development Plan (PCDP) and other applicable modules of the automated Center Information System (CIS).