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P1. To provide students with the opportunity to exercise their voting rights.

P2. To ensure that students receive basic support services necessary for a comfortable enrollment.




R1. Voting Rights

Centers must develop and implement procedures to assist students to vote locally or by absentee ballot. Any assistance with voter registration must be conducted with nonpartisan entities free from party affiliation, bias, or designation, e.g., the League of Women Voters, MTV’s Rock the Vote, etc.

R2. Use of Students for Assistance during Emergencies

a. Job Corps USDA Forest Service Civilian Conservation Centers (CCC) may, as necessary, provide emergency assistance, if requested by public officials, in response to national, state, and local disasters.

1. Such service shall be provided consistent with child labor laws.

2. Participating students must be properly trained, equipped, supervised, and dispatched consistent with the standards for the conservation and rehabilitation of wildlife established under the Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act (16 U.S.C. 661 et seq).

b. The National Director may authorize a Job Corps center other than a Civilian Conservation Center to provide emergency assistance if requested by public officials, in response to disasters in their community.

c. All students deployed during these situations must be volunteers and be at least 18 years old or have parental consent to participate.

1. Except during community-wide relief activities, no student shall participate in emergency relief on private property or where the actions would result in private profit.

2. No student shall participate in emergency relief connected with labor shortages, strikes, riots, or civil disturbances.

R3. Civilian Conservation Center Forest Fire Suppression Activities

Civilian Conservation Centers shall allow students to participate in forest fire suppression and camp crews when the student:

a. Has completed the National Incident Management System IS-700 training for camp crew or obtained the Firefighter Type 2 (FFT2) certification for crew

b. Is at least 18 years old and in good physical and mental condition; however, minors may participate on camp crews with non-suppression duties in accordance with agency policies

c. Is paid by the benefiting organization at the same rate and provided with the same rotational schedule as other firefighters

d. Works in mopping-up no more than five days after the fire is controlled

e. Works no longer than a total of three consecutive weeks, without Regional Office approval

f. Is counted as present for duty

R4. Laundry Services

Centers must provide adequate laundry facilities and supplies to residential students at no cost to the student, and training to students in the proper use of laundry equipment.

R5. Mail Services

Centers must establish a secure, confidential, and prompt system for the receipt and distribution of mail and packages through the U.S. Postal Service and commercial delivery services.

R6. Telephone Services

Centers must arrange for a sufficient number of pay telephones for student use. The establishment of toll-free numbers is not contract reimbursable and cannot be paid for with Job Corps funding.

R7. Linen and Bedding

Centers must provide adequate linen and bedding for all residential students.