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P1. To establish a system to provide students with economical and expedient transportation while enrolled in the program.

P2. To ensure staff responsible for the oversight and management of the student transportation systems monitor student travel statements for accuracy, and report misuse of student travel cards.




R1. Government-Furnished Transportation

Centers must provide Job Corps students with government-furnished transportation between their home and Job Corps centers in accordance with procedures issued by the Regional Office under the conditions and circumstances shown in Exhibit 6-3 (Student Transportation)​.

R2. Travel Costs

Centers must develop a system to provide economical transportation to enrolled students that includes:

a. Using Federal credit cards or other means as prescribed by the Regional Office to ensure students arrive at their scheduled destinations using the safest, most economical mode of travel.

b. Providing students with meal money in the amount of $5 for each six hours of expected travel status. Reimbursement will be requested in accordance with procedures issued by the Regional Office.

R3. Monitoring and Reporting

a. The Regional Offices receive invoices from the travel creditor on a monthly basis. Statements should be reviewed immediately by designated Regional Office staff for accuracy and proper use of the card. The Regional Office will forward a copy of each center’s account statement to the center for review. Any discrepancies with their travel records must be reconciled by the center, and reported to the Regional Office within 25 calendar days of receipt of the statement by the Regional Office. The Regional Office will authorize payment and file dispute forms when necessary, within 30 days of receipt. All documentation must be maintained by the Regional Office.

b. Regional Offices must review the 2110 Report for Center Contracts, Page 3 – Net Center Actual Expense ​- All Categories, Line 6 – Student Transportation/Meal Allowances to ensure costs are allowable and auditable. Note: Student transportation/meal allowance includes luggage fees.

R4. Unused-Ticket Recovery

Centers must develop a system to promptly identify and report any unused, lost, or stolen travel tickets in accordance with the Regional Office. Such tickets must be returned to the issuing agency for credit to the government travel account. When tickets are not returned or used, the center must document the amount of the ticket deducted from the student’s allowance.

R5. Local Transportation

Centers must:

a. Provide transportation to and from the center daily for nonresidential students.

b. Provide transportation to and from the center’s designated arrival point for students using government-paid transportation.

c. Provide transportation for students to and from off-center training, work-based learning, and off-center activities.

d. Provide transportation for students to and from off-center medical/dental appointments. In lieu of the center providing transportation, the center may approve a student’s request to be transported by a friend, partner, or family member.

R6. Staff Travel

Centers must ensure that staff travel expenses for escorts and other purposes are paid from center operating funds.

R7. Transportation for Dependent Children

Centers must provide government-paid transportation to and from home to children who participate in Job Corps Residential Parent/Child programs. Such transportation must be authorized to the same extent as it is allowed for their parents.

R8. Student Vehicles

Centers must not permit residential students to keep personal vehicles at Job Corps centers.

R9. Resource

Department of Labor Manual Series – DLMS 7 – Travel Management: The Department of Labor Manual Series (DLMS) contains Department-wide travel policies and procedures.



Exhibit 6-3 Student Transportation