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P1. To ensure accurate documentation of the services provided, skills acquired, and benefits provided to students.

P2. To establish uniform systems for the maintenance and disposition of student records.

P3. To ensure that a student’s right to privacy is safeguarded.




R1. Records System

Centers must develop and maintain a uniform records system to accurately document and regularly update the following types of information, services, and accomplishments for each student during enrollment, as specified in the designated chapter:

Administrative Records (enrollment data, allowances and allotments, leaves and absences, and case notes): Chapter 6

Career Preparation Period and Career Development Period Records: Chapter 2; Chapter 3

Health History and Services: Chapter 6

Personal and Social Development Records (including Fact-Finding Board documentation): Chapter 3

Career Transition Services Information: Chapter 4

R2. Student Personnel File

Centers must maintain for each student throughout enrollment a personnel file, which must include the following documents:

a. Folder Inventory Form

b. Student Job Corps Data Sheet (ETA 6-52) and required enrollment forms. NOTE: This form is generated through OASIS (Outreach and Admissions Student Input System). For forms requiring signature, a signed copy shall be maintained in the student personnel file.

c. Record of Issue/Spent Clothing Allowance

d. Designation of Beneficiary (SF 1152)

e. Zero Tolerance for Violence and Drugs Certification

f. All hard-copy verification documentation supporting pay and leave status, including parental pass consent for minors (Leave/Documentation and Case Notes). Leave requests must be maintained electronically in CIS.

g. Informed Consent to Receive Mental Health and Wellness Treatment

h. Equal Opportunity Notice (Exhibit 6-11)

i. A hard copy of the My Pathway to Achieving Career Excellence (MyPACE) Career Plan (initial and all versions), justification statement if student changed career pathways during enrollment and a final Pathway Achievement Record (PAR). MyPACE Career Plan and PARs must also be stored electronically and uploaded in the Center Information System (CIS) e-Folder.

R3. Separation

a. At the time of a student’s separation from Job Corps, centers must combine all necessary records pertaining to that student into a single record and store it in a central location on center. Records of separated students must contain documents as specified below:

1. All records indicated in R2 (above)

2. Final Student Profile (ETA 6-40)

3. Health Record

4. Accommodation Record

5. Copy of official High School Equivalency (HSE) certificate or, if not applicable, passing scores, or high school diploma earned while in Job Corps including final high school transcript(s) (if the student earned their diplomas from a center accredited as a degree-conferring high school). Supporting documentation will also include special education services, as applicable for students with documented disabilities.

6. Notice of separation from CIS 

7. Training Achievement Record (TAR)

(a) For students who complete their program while using a paper TAR, the completed original TAR is required for the students’ permanent file.

(b) For students assigned to an e-TAR, e-TARs will be stored electronically and will be available through the Center Information System (CIS/CIS3G).

(c) The full e-TAR will be permanently stored in the data warehouse. In addition, as a contingency measure, centers will keep a hard copy of the e-TAR summary page in the student permanent record file and credential attainment results (refer to PRH Chapter 3, Section 3.2, R.6.b. and c.​).

8. Tests of Adult Basic Education (TABE) – Answer Sheets (when the TABE is not administered online) or the Student Testing System (STS) Tickets 

9. Fact-Finding Board documentation (whether result was termination or retention)

10. Unauthorized Absence CIS Case Notes 

b. Provide a copy of the student’s Job Corps Consent for Release of Information as part of ETA Form 6-52 to the Career Transition Services Contractor within five working days of separation. Information from confidential files shall not be released to Career Transition Services Contractors.

c. Maintain the permanent student record on center for at least three years, at which time it will be archived to the Federal Records Center, as directed by the Regional Office.

R4. Student Death

In the event of a student’s death, centers must forward the entire record to the Office of Job Corps within 10 days. The record must include the sealed health record, death certificate, case notes and records, and autopsy and chemical analysis report if received.

R5. Confidentiality of Student Records

Centers and Outreach and Admissions/Career Transition Services (OA/CTS) contractors must safeguard and ensure the confidentiality of student personal information contained in records, as well as verbal and written communications, in accordance with federal, state, and local law, and as specified in Appendix 601 (Student Rights to Privacy and Disclosure of Information) and Appendix 607 (Transmission, Storage, and Confidentiality of Medical, Health, and Disability-Related Information).

R6. Access to Student Records

Centers and OA/CTS contractors must provide students and parents/guardians of minors with access to their records on request. Access to medical records can be denied in accordance with the Notice of Medical Information Use, Disclosure, and Access (Exhibit 6-10) and Authorization for Use and Disclosure of Your Health Information (Exhibit 1-3).

R7. Release of Information

Centers and OA/CTS providers must respond to requests from former students or third parties for information concerning their enrollments, upon receipt of a written, signed release of information, and in accordance with provisions of Appendix 601. This shall apply as long as the center has custody of the record.

R8. Freedom of Information Act Requirements

Centers and OA/CTS contractors must respond to requests for disclosure of personal information about students in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act as specified in Appendix 601.

R9. Subpoenas for Student Records

Centers and OA/CTS contractors must forward all subpoenas to produce a student record, or to testify regarding a student record to the Regional Office.



Exhibit 1-3 Authorization for Use and Disclosure of Your Health Information
Exhibit 6-10 Notice of Medical Information Use, Disclosure, and Access
Exhibit 6-11 Equal Opportunity Notice
Exhibit 6-13 Right to Use Photographic Likeness or Moving Images-Release form for Adult Students
Exhibit 6-14 Right to Use Photographic Likeness or Moving Images-Release Form for Minors


Appendix 601 Student Rights to Privacy and Disclosure of Information
Appendix 607 Transmission, Storage, and Confidentiality of Medical, Health, and Disability-Related Information