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P1. To provide assistance to Job Corps applicants in arranging suitable child care for their dependent children so that they may enroll in the Job Corps program.

P2. To provide students with access to child care services for their children.




R1. Establishment of Child Care Arrangements

a. Prior to enrollment, a program applicant with dependent children who provides primary or custodial care must certify that suitable arrangements for child care have been established for the proposed period of enrollment.

b. Job corps centers are responsible for coordinating with outreach and admissions agencies to assist applicants, whenever feasible, with making arrangements for child care.

R2. Identification of Local Child Care Resources

a. Centers must promote the development and implementation of local linkages for child care for students to the maximum extent feasible.

b. Centers located in areas where local child care programs cannot meet student needs, and which have space and non-Job Corps funding sources for child care, may request approval to establish on-center child development programs, in accordance with requirements in Appendix 604 (Job Corps Child Development Programs)​.



Exhibit 6-6 Proposal Outline for On-Site Child Development Centers and Residential Parent_Child Programs
Exhibit 6-7 Use of Job Corps Funds for Child Development Centers and Parent_Child Programs
Exhibit 6-8 Child Development Center Minimum Staff Qualifications
Exhibit 6-9 Facility Requirements for Child Development Centers and Residential Parent_Child Programs


Appendix 604 Job Corps Child Development Programs